Five Professional Photographers Talk About If Gear Matters

It does. It doesn’t. Sometimes it does. There might be no question more polarizing in the photography community than “does gear matter?” Here’s what five successful pros have to say on the subject.

Erik Wahlstrom asked Thomas Heaton, Christine Bartolucci, Alan Brock, Dan Bullman, and Ben Horne the infamous question, and their answers were both varied and nuanced. I think one of the most salient points for me was that regardless of which camp you’re in, when you pick up a certain camera or lens, you’re making an aesthetic decision. I think the degree to which one can divorce skill from the device on which that skill is applied is an argument in which there is plenty of room to maneuver, but I think it’s less debatable that each piece of equipment invests in the final image its unique properties, whether the operator chooses to take advantage of them or not. On the other hand, the question of if said operator should embrace such inherent stylistic and technical characteristics or work to neutralize them and retain the utmost level of conscious control, well, that’s where the question gets interesting, I think. What are your thoughts on the matter?

[via Shutterbug]


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