Evangelizing a God Who’s Hard at Hearing?

The Grief Relief Blog

So today I’m taking a step back from my personal grief to discuss a harrowing experience a very good friend of mine experienced at the hands of a church in her neighborhood. You can read the full storyherebut the gist of it is this:

My very hardworking and Holy Ghost-filled (she’s seriously the super ogyasious kind) friend, Abena, who is still nursing her baby had her peace of mind; her sanity, shaken to the core by a church (shocking isn’t it) last Friday night or maybe more accurately, dawn on Saturday. Basically:

  • The church held an all night service;
  • It got to a point when it got so loud she was scared awake.
  • Her greater fear was waking up her sleeping baby (we all know how hard it can be to soothe a baby that has been agitated from sleep) so;
  • She went over to speak to the…

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