Featured Models

Captured Model Of The Month “Afro Gal”

By Antoinette Ohene


Meet Edinam Diana Kumbey , our model for the month who is also a third year student of the university of Ghana -Legon. The 19 -year-old  Ghanaian beauty hails from Vakpo in the Volta region and has a knack for dazzling us with her beautiful photos . When asked whether combining  modeling with studying was not stressful, Edinam said :” I chose modeling because it comes easy to me. I don’t stress about it. And it’s fun! I believe if you enjoy what you do, it’s easier to do it well”. When she’s not posing for the camera or busy with school work, Edinam likes to spend her time sleeping or watching movies. She dreams of owning large farmlands and growing different kinds of crops on them in a few years to come- Now how’s that for an ambition? . And oh ! All that ‘afro’ is really her very own hair.  Beautiful right? I guess Her alias ‘ afro girl’  does suit her perfectly.


  • Hair: Black
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hips: 38
  • Waist: 27
  • Height: 5″5





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