Guest blog

Own Your Crazy


I try to  go through life with each second planned. I wake up each day to realize the goals I can. ” I won’t be like that” I say, anytime I’m introduced to someone’s darkest sides. What no one knows is that  those words are a prayer ;a plea I make because I know I’m weak . It’s sad, I must admit , when all my efforts to make my  dreams come true ,prove futile . So I console myself  by saying “if I got everything  as and when I wanted them, perhaps life would be boring”.

I try not to bore myself with the unending theories about tunnels of darkness and the supposed light found at it’s end. Neither do i find solace in the clichés of talks about paths to success or ‘ can do spirit’ lecture. Do not get me wrong for I do believe in beautiful endings.  I just think that unlike the formulae in maths, there is no known formula for success. How can it have one? For it’s  a word  that has no ideal definition;but the stipulative ones agreed upon by people in the society.  Everyone’s challenges are different ;as we all encounter distinct demons.  I follow no one’s laid down formula for ‘success’ because there’s only person who has the things I have and has not the things I have not. There’s only one person  who has my genotypical and phenotypical make up -ME.  The dreams,personality flaws and capabilities I’m endowed with, I share with no other person but ME.  For me to reach self actualization, I must have use a formula that only I can develop and not ditto that of any other person. I owe myself that much. And so do you !

BY-Ewurann (Antoinette Sakyibea Ohene)



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