Fashionistas In South Africa Furious After Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Is PostPoned Due To Bad Weather

mercedes-benz-fashion-week-cape-town-2017-696x434.jpgThe title says it all. Yesterday, South African fashionistas were treated to a beautiful event at the first day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Cape Town 20, hash tagged MBFWCT17. Unfortunately the weather decided it was not the right time for day 2 to occur today.


The event could not hold due to heavy wind. Such incidences can really put the event organizers, AFI (Africa Fashion International) at a loss, as day 3 holds a lot of international designers and guests.


Fans were furious as the postponing of day 2 was only announced on instagram, and their hardcore fans which muscled their way through the bad weather only found out when they arrived to an empty venue. The postponing was stated instagram but the postponed date wasn’t. This might also lead to a dilemma as SA Fashion Week begins in only 2 days.

Unfortunately foreign designers be faced with a horrifying experience as they might not have the opportunity to stay longer and may need to execute their show before leaving, like our lovely Afro Mod Trends.


source: Fashion Ghana


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