Captured GH “A creative African Network”


As you are reading this, you might not think that today is the day that you will make your creativity go viral. Captured GH, A Creative African Network is here to see to it that, the world recognizes you.

Captured GH sets to promote African creativity mainly focusing on the arts industry in Africa and across the world.

Pushing African trends, lifestyle, Talent and telling a story about Africa is what we are about.
Our Fashion,Entertainment and Art website, Social media platforms, Events, Award schemes, and other interesting programs are various ways we set out to promote African talents.

With Captured Gh, you don’t only get promoted on our  website but on our recognized and interactive social media platforms which includes  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and our YouTube channel. Our television series, interviews and features are other ways Captured GH programs to promote African Talents such as



Makeup artist

Fashion designers and stylist

Hair stylist

Graphic designers

Interior designers




Jewelry designers

Web designers


African culture and fashion is very well alive so don’t miss the chance to learn, recognize and grow with it. Captured Gh, A Creative African Network.

By Stacy Narkie Clarke


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